Decorate your garden or
home on only 1 plug!

LED’s connect is an easy connectable lighting system. With one power connection you can light up to 2000 lights! Make your own combinations by connecting different lighting sets. All on one plug!

What is LED’s Connect

• Connectable up to 2000 lights on 1 plug

• Create your own combinations

• Simple in use

LED’s get started!

Create your own lighting plan by choosing:  transformerset including a lightset or  only a transformerset. Use different  extensionsets to decorate your garden or home and connect it all with  several accessories. Only on 1 plug! 


LED’s Connect 24V is available in different models. See below some icons for the different models.

  • Lightsets
  • Cluster lights
  • Icicle lights
  • Curtain lights
  • Net lights

What is LED

All lighting sets within the concept of LED’s Connect are featured with the latest LED technology. Compared to traditional lighting LED offers many benefits:

• Environmentally friendly
LED lights save energy and last much longer, this lighting contributes to a better environment. 

• Energy efficient
Compared to traditional filament the LED diode consumes by equal light output 70% less electricity. 

• Long life
Compared to traditional filament, the LED diode lasts much longer. The lifespan is at least 50,000 hours. 

• Durable
Compared to the traditional light bulb a LED light is much less fragile. 

• Safe
 An LED lamp is safe to use since it produces barely any heat which makes it even safe for decorative purposes.